Image Live Webcams from the Costa Blanca


  • Denia - The origins of Dénia go way back in time. Once under the protection of the Roman goddess Diana, who gives the town its name and fame as a trading port, it expanded centuries later at the foot of the Islamic castle on the Montgó mountain down to the sea. The fishermen's quarter which can be contemplated through the webcam de Dénia, the port, the sandy beaches, or the rocky area of Les Rotes make up a mosaic picturesque on the Costa Blanca, embellished by traditions such as 'els bous a la mar' (running the bulls into the sea), a festivity that attracts many visitors. View Live Denia webcam | Denia Travel Guide


  • Xabia/Javea - The town centre of Xàbia, on the Costa Blanca, is located a short distance from the seafront, nestling under the imposing gaze of Montgo; massif. The harbour is located under a cliff at the end of the broad coastal plain, and offers a full range of modern tourist services, accommodation and clean, transparent waters, with beaches that alternate with rocky coves all along this special part of the Costa Blanca, as we can see in this webcam at one of the cities most popular beaches. The town has a maze of streets that run down from the fortified church of St Bartholomew, with lots of charming little shops and houses adorned with local stone. View Live Xabia/Javea webcam | Xabia/Javea Travel Guide


  • Teulada/Moraira - A genuine paradise set amongst the greenery of the Costa Blanca. Teulada-Moraira is a first-class tourist resort with excellent facilities and services. It has eight kilometres of coastline, and three magnificent beaches of fine sand alternating with small, picturesque, rocky coves, like the playa de L'Ampolla, which we can see in this webcam. Enjoy over 80 restaurants with an almost infinite range of gastronomic delights, fiestas and handcraft products sold in small shops and a street market. View Live Teulada/Moraira Webcam | Teulada/Moraira Travel Guide


  • Benissa - The Benissa coastline, on the Costa Blanca, has it all - sandy beaches, hidden coves and impressive cliffs, with a complete range of facilities for water sports, visible from the webcam at Benissa, topped by an attractive historic town centre, a series of nature parks and hilltop chapels in the surroundings, beckoning to trekkers and climbers. View Live Benissa Webcam | Benissa Travel Guide


  • Calpe | Calpe Travel Guide
    • Calpe Yatch Club - Calpe bay lying in the shelter of the impressive Peñón de Ifach rocky outcrop, is the perfect spot to enjoy water sports, particularly sailing. The marina, seafront visible from one of the webcams at Calpe, promenade and service area combine to create a very pleasant niche in this tourist town on the Costa Blanca and encourage visitors to enjoy a relaxing stay here on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. View Live Calpe Yatch Club Webcam
    • Calpe Sea Front - Calpe nestles next to the Rock of Ifach, a spectacular rock formation standing in a nature reserve of the same name and offering unique panoramas over the Alicante coastline. Calpe itself is a village steeped in maritime traditions and blessed with an extensive coast featuring fine, golden sand. Among the many options for enjoying a stay in this authentic tourist village are walks along a promenade on foot, or via the images offered by the webcam full of lively terrace restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood dishes, plus all kinds of water sports and activities, or a visit to its quaint old historic centre on the Costa Blanca. View Live Calpe Sea Front Webcam


  • Altea - From the blue-tiled domes of the church on Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, reflecting the sparkling sea visible from the heights of hilly Altea, the fishing village descends along cobbled, terraced streets flanked by whitewashed façades in true Mediterranean style to reach the beaches of Altea, extending along the seafront promenade cordoning off the fishermen's quarter. Along the shore are lots of places forming attractive ambiences chock-full of tourist services and installations combining to form one of the most attractive sites along the Costa Blanca, as seen in the images offered by the webcam of Altea. View Live Altea Webcam | Altea Travel Guide


  • L'Afas del Pi - Bathed by the clear, transparent Mediterranean waters, the tranquil coastline of Alfàs del Pi, on the Costa Blanca, is a perfect place to enjoy a great holiday. The warm, welcoming character of the people, well accustomed to making friends with visitors, combines with a range of quality tourist services, with plenty of amenities, sports installations, and charming accommodation. In a area known as the Racó de l'Albir, a scenic walk runs along the beaches and the rugged cliffs, up to the lighthouse, where an impressive view of the bay of Altea can be admired. View Live L'Afas del Pi Webcam


  • Benidorm | Benidorm Travel Guide
    • Playa de Lavante Levante Beach - Benidorm is the tourist centre par excellence of the Costa Blanca and along the Mediterranean, with beaches classified among the finest in Europe - clean, broad and fully equipped with services and bathed by clear, crystalline water, , captured from all angles by the network of webcams of Benidorm. This is a resort town that never stops, full of attractions, services and hotels for all tastes and budgets, where satisfaction is the name of the game. Benidorm is famous for is fine climate throughout the year, and offers countless opportunities for rest, relaxation, fun and entertainment, swimming, sunbathing, and certainly lots of nightlife. It's a 24-hour-a-day scene that includes everything imaginable, and you can also visit the Terra Mítica theme park. Benidorm is definitely a town accustomed to giving everything it has to make visitors feel at home. View Live Benidorm Playa de Lavante Webcam
    • Playa de Poniente Poniente Beach - Stretching along, from the small mount Canfali and the shelter of the marina as far as the the Cala, is the Poniente beach of Benidorm situated on the Costa Blanca with its marvellous, crystal-clear water and clean sand. Bathed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, this is considered to be one of the best beaches in Europe with its excellent climate and cosmopolitan atmosphere. View Live Benidorm Playa de Poniente Webcam
    • Terra Mitica Theme Park - Terra Mítica, in Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca is a genuine European theme park. Incredible attractions and shows make this a fascinating space where time no longer exists. You can fully experience the mysteries of the Mediterranean's oldest and most legendary civilisations while investigating and having fun in all five areas of Benidorm's new theme park, one of which we can see from this webcam. The myth begins in ancient Egypt, land of pharaohs, then continues in Greece, Home of the Gods, reaching Rome, Frontier of the Civilised World. Later, in Iberia, the Warm Shore, live out all the fiestas, traditions and colours of our land. Finally, on The Islands, Ulysses' great voyage is your ticket to adventure. Terra Mítica has been planned for everyone, the daring, the curious, of whatever age or background - all you need is to be all set for fun. View Live Terra Mitica Webcam


  • Finestrat - This picturesque town in the Marina area is characterised of the Costa Blanca, by its sharply contrasting landscapes. Within the space of just a few kilometres, visitors can take a leisurely dip in the crystal-clear waters of the cove, climb the emblematic peak of Puig Campana, enjoy the attractive natural surroundings or stroll through the attractive town centre with its houses painted in pleasant hues and colours. As a first contact, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the beaches of Finestrat through their webcam. View Live Finestrat Webcam
  •  La Cala De Finestrat near Benidorm. Kindly supplied by one of our visitors from


  • La Villa Joiosa - La Vila Joiosa on the Costa Blanca and the historical capital of the Marina Baixa, has a tradition of fishing and tourism. The port and the seafront promenade have a particular charm, characterised by the brightly coloured façades of the town's buildings. Well-equipped, wide beaches, the attractive Moors and Christian festivities and the bustling fishing industry that supplies the local cuisine, all reflect how important the sea is to La Vila Joiosa. View Live La Villa Joiosa Webcam | La Villa Joiosa Travel Guide


  • El Campello - Kilometres of beaches El Campello, on the Costa Blanca with crystal-clear waters, gentle sea breezes in summer and mild winter days combine with the hospitable nature of the inhabitants. The town dates back to the Bronze Age although the evolution of this small, sea town has endowed it with a modern outlook. The variety of high-quality tourist services available to visitors enables them to enjoy their stay in harmony with the natural, Mediterranean setting, with an excellent range of leisure, sporting and cultural facilities. Enjoy the views of its beaches through the webcam at El Campello. View Live El Campello Webcam


  • Alicante | Alicante Travel Guide
    • Alicante Centro - Set against the Benacantil and overlooked by Santa Barbara castle, the old city centre of Alicante has a remarkably old-world atmosphere with the streets leading up behind the concathedral, visible from the webcam at the centre of Alicante, opening out onto ancient squares with attractive, multicoloured façades and unusual balconies and bay windows. The districts of the old city centre are characterised by tiles depicting saints, white houses, windows with grilles and flowers, and their welcoming atmosphere that bustles with life on hot summer nights. Baroque stately buildings and modernist houses constitute an urban fabric that blends in perfectly with the traditional view of the sea from Alicante and the beaches of the Costa Blanca. View Live Alicante Centro Webcam
    • Alicante Puerto - Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, has all the requisites to make it an ideal city for easy Mediterranean living. It has a combination of the classical and the modern, a mix of business and pleasure, entertainment and educational opportunities, beaches and history. Nestling under the slopes of the Benacantil mountain is ancient Lucentum, the Roman town, commandeered by the Santa Bárbara castle on the hilltop. The bright, airy seafront Explanada overlooks the city's marvellous beaches and port area, full of places for fun and entertainment, all the details are captured in images from the network of webcams of Alicante. View Live Alicante Puerto Webcam
    • Alicante Explanada - The most popular promenade in the city of Alicante is 'Explanada de España' running along the former port jetty, near to one of the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca. Its characteristic patchwork of colours, flanked by rows of palm trees overlooking the Mediterranean sea is one of the most emblematic and lively districts of the city: a perfect spot for unwinding and enjoying the sun and pleasant climate, visit it in real time via the webcam of the ‘Alicante Explanada'. View Live Alicante Explanada Webcam
    • Alicante Playa de San Juan - A few kilometres north of the city of Alicante, the San Juan beach spreads through the city and El Campello with crystal waters and all types of services and quality accommodations offered for you to enjoy and relax. Three kilometres in which one can enjoy the sun, the sea, a board walk full of restaurants with excellent gastronomy from the Costa Blanca and the sea breeze while taking a nice walk. View Live Alicante Playa de San Juan Webcam


  • Elx - The large town of Elx, with a history going back over 2000 years, contains the largest palm tree plantation in Europe, now listed as a World Heritage site.This spectacular spot can be contemplated via the webcam dof the Palmeral d´Elx. History, monuments and culture form a rich combination in its historical centre, offering sites and attractions from numerous periods in history. Among the major attractions in the town is the Medieval mystery play called the Misteri d'Elx. This town lying somewhat inland also has over nine kilometres of seafront with broad beaches of golden sand washed by clean sparkling water pertaining to the Costa Blanca, along a shore flanked by an important coastal dune system. View Live Elx Webcam | Elx/Elche Travel Guide


  • Santa Pola - The maritime village of Santa Pola, on the Costa Blanca has always had close links to the sea. It is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the Mediterranean with the consequent influence on its culture, cuisine and tourist trade. The salt industry is of particular interest since it has enabled the nearby marshlands, declared a natural park, to survive. The attractive variety of its beaches, as we can see in the image of this webcam, which allows sports on the sand and nautical, plus an excellent range of tourist accommodation and services. View Live Santa Pola Webcam | Santa Pola Travel Guide



  • Torrevieja - Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, presents a fine combination of tourist attractions and commercial activity from its salt flats. The local La Mata y Torrevieja Lagoon nature park, is a unique area in which the age-old tradition of salt mining has successfully been combined with concerns for the conservation of local marshlands and nesting sites for migratory birds. The Torrevieja coastline, with its promenade, clean beaches, and modern yacht club , which can be seen in this webcam, with a full range of services and tourist installations, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations along the southern coast of the Region of Valencia. View Live Torrevieja Webcam | Torrevieja Travel Guide


  • Pilar de la Horadada - Pilar de la Horadada, on the la Costa Blanca, the southernmost town in the Region of Valencia, features more than four kilometres of high-quality beaches with a comprehensive range of tourist products and services. The town itself, with several monumental buildings of interest, stages popular festivities and provides an attractive calendar of sporting events including nautical activities, hiking and horse riding. View Live Pilar de la Horadada Webcam


  • Orihuela - The fine historical and artistic buildings of Orihuela, on the Costa Blanca, are well worth a visit. Its cathedral, university, churches, convents and stately homes constitute a first-rate cultural attraction and a good reminder of the distinguished past of its streets and squares, shown in this image is the Plaza Antonio Balaguer, webcam. Surrounded by the mountains through which the river Segura winds its way, the sprawl of this Episcopal city extends across a fertile region as far as the sandy beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean. View Live Orihuela Webcam | Orihuela Travel Guide

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